120-year-old German sky train

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Wuppertal is a city in western Germany. In the center of the city you will see a unique train. Regular trains usually travel from the top of the tracks, but this is a detour from the bottom of the tracks. This train is called the Wuppertal Schwebebahn.

Germany was one of the most technologically advanced countries before World War II. The line was opened in 1901 and is still running today, giving it a lifespan of about 120 years. It is also the oldest celestial railway.

The designer was Eugen Langen, a German engineer and inventor from Berlin, Germany. It was intended for the cities of Munich and Brussels, Poland. The railway stations were built between 1897 and 1903, and the first railway line was opened in 1901. The cost was about 16 million German kroner at the time.

These skytrains, which have been in service for many years, are still found in Wuppertal today and continue to serve as a major transportation route for locals. The 8-mile route includes 20 stations and still transports more than 80,000 passengers a week.

The train was towing from a height of 39 feet above rivers and roads. Due to the damage, the railway was repeatedly upgraded, and in 2004 the total cost of repairs was between 380 million and 480 million euros. The railways have been gradually upgraded and are now up to 15 generations.

The train is mainly powered by steel brakes and is powered by 750 DC electric motors with wheels. One car carriage is 24 meters long and has four doors.

Each car can carry up to 48 people and about 130 people. It has been upgraded with modern technology and has a seating system. Air conditioning system; It also has information systems and lED lights.

From the heights, you can enjoy the scenery along the railway line, and visitors to western Germany are familiar with this train.

The train has a top speed of 37 miles per hour and an average speed of 17 miles per hour. This sky train is a collection of German novels, It is often included in movies.

The Germans seem to have kept this train for many years to show how modern they are. We still do not have regular railways, and the Germans have been running such trains for the past 120 years.

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