4 Best VPNs For Indonesia 2022 (Speed ​​Tested! )

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It’s not just about speed, security and privacy – the best VPNs for Indonesia should also offer entertainment value by unblocking streaming services and optimizing torrents.

Who is the #1 VPN for Indonesia? Definitely Surfshark – where they offer incredible speed, security and great features for only IDR 35,109/mo!

After testing many popular brands, we have managed to pick the 7 best VPNs that all work well in terms of speed and security. We also make sure they can unblock popular streaming services like Netflix in major/large regions in Indonesia.

1. Surfshark

As a relatively new service, Surfshark has shown impressive performance and persistence so far. This is one of the strongest rookie contestants and his position on this list reflects how well he has performed so far despite being ‘young’.

At their core, they offer a complete VPN package with privacy and security accompanied by the strong selling features of P2P support and easy regional block bypass. This works especially well for those who want to access a variety of regional content on providers like Netflix or Hulu.

On top of that, they have a very minimalistic interface and aren’t crammed full of features that you didn’t ask for or want. This keeps them very focused and works well for those who don’t want the extra junk.

With many VPN service providers abandoning the Asia Pacific region in favor of Europe and North America, Surfshark not only offers servers in Indonesia, but also serves users at good speeds. In fact, the stable speed of all their servers is one of the highlights of using a Surfshark connection.

With speeds of over 80 Mbps through their Surabaya server, users in Indonesia or those who need to use a server here will be delighted.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN ranks #2 on the list of the best VPNs for Indonesia for a variety of reasons. One of them is that they are based in Panama, which is a good place for a VPN. In addition, NordVPN has a very good reputation compared to other VPN providers that have multiple servers in many countries.

Their strict no-logging policy combined with military-grade 256-bit encryption and a great plan for almost everyone is an offer that’s hard to resist.

With a downstream speed of 16 Mbps, in this test NordVPN showed very stable performance on Indonesian servers. Actually, what makes it even more interesting is that they not only allow P2P traffic, but have servers that are specially optimized for P2P traffic!

3. ExpressVPN

Due to the many restrictions, it is not surprising that ExpressVPN has provided high infrastructure allowances for Indonesia. On average, VPN services offer high speeds to a full range of apps and protocols – ideal for security, privacy, and anonymity. Its security protocols are also best-in-class for current consumer use.

I have tested this service thoroughly and have no hesitation in recommending it as the best VPN service provider for users in Indonesia. ExpressVPN is stable and allows access on a variety of devices.

To illustrate how good it is, I compared the default line speed without a VPN with ExpressVPN’s closed test to the same location. With ExpressVPN on and connected to a server in Indonesia, I was able to demonstrate strong downstream speeds of 86 Mbps.

4. TorGuard

One of the important factors in using TorGuard is the VPN service provider which is very P2P friendly. Not much luxury, but great performance.

There is one major difference between TorGuard and other competitors. With TorGuard you can choose the encryption level you want. This means that for P2P users, you can turn down encryption and enjoy faster torrenting speeds any time!

Apart from that, TorGuard has many other advantages, such as stable speed, multi-platform capabilities, and the ability to bypass VPN blockers.

Unfortunately, TorGuard does not have servers located directly in Indonesia so users will have to choose one overseas. Singapore or Malaysia are the closest – showing high speed performance.

As one of the top three VPNs for Indonesia, TorGuard certainly meets certain speed requirements and especially considering that they have to connect overseas, 77 Mbps is excellent. The only downside is that for younger users who are used to modern apps, the TorGuard interface will seem like a thing of the past.

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