6 Desserts You’ll Never Feel Guilty

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On a tired day It would be nice if we could eat dessert. cool in the evening But those desserts It is a big cause of weight gain. Including the cause of the disease as well But now there is the development of food science. and creativity of health lovers who invented dessert recipes that are not harmful to health as an alternative for us to eat dessert without feeling guilty and in today’s article We have a sample of those 6 desserts to share with you all.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is a dessert that many people like to eat. We can adapt the ice cream to a healthy recipe. more healthy by using frozen bananas Go for a smoothie with frozen strawberries. Then put this mixture in the freezer. where you can get delicious strawberry banana sorbet ice cream

Frozen Yogurt and Mixed Fruits

This menu is a favorite of many people. By the way, it’s very easy to do. You can put the yogurt in a ziplock bag. and then freeze Then take it out and beat it to break. You can drizzle with honey and mixed fruit, and you’ll have a delicious dessert on a hot day.

Black Bean Brownies

In fact, there are many people who have modified various raw materials to replace flour. in making brownies But from the experience of the author Using black beans instead of flour The delicious taste is perfect. How to do it is just boiled black beans. Mix with honey and cocoa powder and use coconut oil for fat. You’ll end up with delicious, chewy fudge brownies.

Flourless Cookies

These flourless cookies are delicious. Suitable for eating as an afternoon snack. Most of the ingredients are nuts. and brought together by using egg whites as a binder Then add sweetness using honey. After that, it was baked to be crispy.

Apple Peanut Butter

This snack menu Perfect for an afternoon snack. You can slice the apples into thin slices and spread them with peanut butter, and sprinkle them with chocolate chips to add crunchiness. You will then experience the flavor of these three ingredients.

Oatmeal Banana Cake

Both the oats and the bananas have a great aroma and flavor. You can customize the raw materials. without flour then use oatmeal Instead of using flour and dates or honey as a sweetener instead of sugar. Cut off the smell with a light cinnamon scent. That’s it, you’ll get a fragrant and delicious banana cake.

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