6 Things To Know With Drinking Coffee In The Morning

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Coffee is a drink that we are influenced by the West. Which is now very popular to drink so much that we think that it is a culture that we have practiced for a long time. Coffee is a drink that people of working age tend to drink in the morning. Or it’s the first thing consumed after waking up. In fact, it’s not always possible to drink coffee in the morning. and in today’s article We have some things to know about drinking coffee in the morning for you.

1. Why drink coffee?

Coffee contains a substance called caffeine. that will make you feel rejuvenated and work more efficiently Therefore, people like to drink to stimulate work. But the side effect that follows is that caffeine in addition to having the advantages mentioned above. It is also a mild drug causing addiction to coffee. and have to drink regularly

2. The origin of coffee

Fresh coffee is a bright red bunch of beans. was discovered by the Ethiopians which he came across this coffee bean by accident by having the bark removed and roasted and make a drink which found that he was more active After that, it was publicized. And is popular with people all over the world until now.

3. Drinking Coffee That Causes Bad Effects

From the research, it was found that If you are not getting enough rest and drink coffee in the morning Substances in coffee will cause the body’s metabolism to malfunction. and have high blood sugar levels which can put you at risk of developing diabetes So if you are not getting enough rest Should avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

4. Tips for getting enough rest

On the day you have to work and very tired, you probably only miss the bed And rest, but did you know that the accumulated stress caused by work? and that fatigue This will prevent you from getting enough rest. And when drinking coffee after waking up, it will cause negative effects. Therefore, you should exercise a little every day. Let the cells in the body get full oxygen.

5. You should not drink coffee in the morning. on an empty stomach

From the research results, it was also found that In the consumption of coffee on an empty stomach in the morning. It has the same effect as drinking coffee when you’re not getting enough rest. is the effect of high blood sugar So avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach as well.

6. The most suitable drink for days of insufficient rest

Of course, the most suitable drink is water, because if our body is not resting enough. Will make the amount of water in our body less, causing cells and various functions in the body to not work at full efficiency. So if you’re tired and insufficient rest Water is the most suitable drink.

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