A rocket landed on the moon and no one knows who fired it

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Space debris is a big problem for NASA and other space agencies. In March, we heard about three tons of space debris heading for the moon.

According to initial reports, the debris is believed to be a rocket that actually hit the moon. The most interesting part is that no one wants to be blamed. I do not know who to blame for the rocket that hit the moon.

NASA has many plans for the moon. There are many missions centered on it, from the Lunar Gateway to the re-launch of human footprints on the moon.

Now the moon is no stranger to space debris. For one thing, no one wants to be proud of a rocket hitting the moon. This makes it even more worrying about the current state of space debris floating outside.

It was decided in 2015 that it would be part of the SpaceX launch vehicle. However, SpaceX was unable to resolve it, and later others, including Gray and NASA, determined that it was more likely to be launched by the 2014 Chang’e 5-T1 in China.

China has denied the allegations, saying the launch vehicle caught fire when it returned to Earth. It remains to be seen whether this is true.

It is possible that they are telling the truth. They do not want to be responsible for the effects of the first neglected moon in history.

Most astronomers say that craters form on the surface of the moon. But this may be the first time debris from space has hit the moon. And it’s even more worrying because it’s a rocket that hits the moon.

Launched rockets create a lot of space debris, and right now it is very difficult to track space debris. Even though everyone knows that this is a problem, we are still concerned about the ISS ‘continued devastation of satellites and other objects and debris created by many countries.

Due to a lack of effort to track objects in space, a rocket hit the moon. At that point, the rubbish left two unique valleys.

It’s not a huge bowl, but our litter is big enough to leave a mark on the moon.

Fortunately, the rocket that hit the moon created two craters. NASA says rockets are usually just a crater and can help determine who it belongs to.

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