Beautiful Inside Or Beautiful Outside: What Matters Most?

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We live in a world where how you look is almost as important as who you are. And it is increasingly difficult to determine which part of our being is worth paying more attention to. On reflection, talking about inner beauty is almost an oxymoron because when we talk about beauty we immediately think of something that can be seen with the eyes, something tangible that through the senses is able to satisfy the soul and generate well-being and complacency. Inner beauty, on the other hand, is not something that cannot be seen with the eyes, cannot be touched with the hands, it is not a perfume that fills our nostrils. A person who is beautiful inside is a person with whom one likes to spend time, who knows how to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere around him. Then? What is the beauty to which you need to pay more attention? Let’s find out together!

Beautiful inside 

No, being beautiful inside does not mean having beautiful X-ray images. Being beautiful inside is equivalent to having beautiful ways, having a beautiful way of thinking, of doing, of relating to others. It is equivalent to having a beautiful character. And so far, at least in words, everything seems simple. In fact, however, it is not all so linear. This is much more complex than you think because the ego beauty and kindness exercises are sometimes much more challenging than an hour in the gym.

Beautiful outside 

It is no coincidence that in ancient times the emperors, the leaders and the major prominent figures in society were never depicted or sculpted in a faithful way to the original, but always improved according to the most classic and shared canons of beauty. For the ancients, external beauty was necessarily a symptom of an equally great interior beauty, moral gifts and virtues and sometimes to make them visible even in a work of art it was enough only for the subjects to be beautiful.

The pursuit of beauty

The words we choose to use have always been the mirror of the society in which we live. Have you ever noticed how many idioms are used regarding beauty? “Everyone likes beauty”, “beauty does not last long” or “height half beauty”. “It is difficult to be beautiful” or “in front of a beautiful face, the just and the peasant fall”. We refer to beauty every day even without wanting to. An example? Let’s talk about good or bad news, a good surprise or a bad grade, a good glass of wine or a bad day. We seek beauty constantly, even without realizing it. 

Self-care is a form of respect for oneself and for others. Everyone likes to be good-looking to feel comfortable and admired, and everyone likes to surround themselves with people who are also pleasant to see. To be a good-looking person there are two conditions: the first, it does not depend on us, is that of having enough luck to be born with a beautiful body and beautiful features; the second, it depends on us, and is to always take care of your body, to satisfy its physiological needs – such as sleeping at the right time, avoiding smoking, alcohol and sweets, having fun – to indulge in regenerating sessions without too many hesitations at the hairdresser and of the beautician. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The beautiful people inside you recognize them immediately: they have smiling eyes. Inner beauty is something that concerns the heart, the mind, the soul. It has nothing to do with the beautician, but it has to do with the way we relate to others (beautician included) and is closely related to the way we look at the world. Not surprisingly, it is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. If you carry the beauty of what surrounds you in your heart, your life will also be brighter and the more serene and luminous you will be the more you will be able to see the inner and outer beauty of the people around you.  

Beautiful inside or beautiful outside? 

What we can say with certainty is that beauty is total. Giving absolute priority to just one of the beauties we talked about today is equivalent to being incomplete, half beautiful. If you want to be a beautiful person , you have to heal all parts of your being. Outward beauty is certainly the part you notice first and most, but inner beauty helps you enjoy the beauty of the world by surrounding yourself with positive people with whom to build… something beautiful in your life. 

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