The Worst Foods In The Supermarket: Which Are The Ones To Avoid At All Costs?

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It is no coincidence that more and more people prefer to consume organic and natural products. Decades of junk food have worsened our diet with sometimes even serious damage to our health. Obesity, intolerances, addictions, tumors. What we eat can make a real difference! And if it is true that not everyone (unfortunately!) Has a green space available to use as a vegetable garden, where we can grow healthy and tasty products, it is also true that we can at least avoid the foods that hurt the most, commonly sold in all supermarkets. Which ones are they? Here are the top 10 ones to avoid at all costs. 


Frankfurters reign supreme in summer barbecues with friends, but do you really know what’s inside? The processing does not allow you to guess by eye which are the real ingredients used. In the most common Würstel sold at the supermarket you can find pork fat and rind, ground chicken or turkey carcasses, spices, potato starch, salt, dextrose and flavoring. In addition to stabilizers, preservatives and antioxidants: not really a genuine product to be consumed with a light heart. 


How many times has it happened to us to buy “fresh” bread at the supermarket, choosing it from the many varieties offered on huge overflowing shelves. Well, know that it’s not like buying bread from your trusted baker. To make the bread more savory and to keep it soft longer, ingredients such as fructose syrup, potassium bromate, L-cysteine ​​are added to the dough. The canned one is also treated with ethyl alcohol to prevent mold from forming.

Carbonated drinks
Carbon dioxide, sugar, syrup, citric acid, natural flavors and dyes. 
These are just some of the basic ingredients to produce the fizzy drinks that we find in the supermarket. 
A bomb of sugars and calories that certainly do not quench thirst and are not good for health.


Have you ever read the ingredients of surimi on the label? There is a percentage of minced (unspecified) fish pulp, mixed with water, wheat starch, rehydrated egg white, rapeseed oil, crab and other crustacean flavors and sugar. 

Artificial sweeteners

If you’re avoiding sugar for fear of gaining weight, artificial sweeteners can be even worse. In addition to being toxic in the long run and being ambiguously correlated with various forms of cancer, be aware that some studies have shown that indiscriminate use of sweeteners can lead to obesity.

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