Tips In Choosing The Right Executive Coach For You

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In the business world today, getting an executive coach became a top priority for surviving the fast-changing and highly competitive job market today. Working with an executive coach can help you gain new perspectives, sharper critical and creative thinking skills, increased productivity and enhanced confidence – all of which are vital for taking on the challenges that your career throws your way.

Your choice can make or break your coaching experience. The demand for coaching has increased, prompting the increase in the number of professionals today offering their services as a certified professional coach. However, selecting the right coach will still entail serious research, planning and decision-making. Apart from looking at the credentials of a potential coach, you also need to determine if the values, techniques and personality of the coach suits your needs and preferences.

Always take note that when you work with a top executive coach, it won’t be a short-time endeavor. Rather, it will entail the consistent commitment of all parties involved for the coaching partnership to result in significant gains.

Some of the tips you that may help when hiring a coach include the following:

1. Before you go hunting for a coach, invest in gaining a good understating of executive coaching first. Do your research, read up on the topic and ask others who may have expertise and experience with executive coaching. By doing so, you can obtain the tools you need to set expectations and have a clearer direction during your selection process.

2. Check out their qualifications. Know more about the training specific to coaching that they have received. See if they have relevant accreditations and memberships to industry associations. Ask about their coaching experience – not just the length of time but their areas of focus or specialities, if any.

3. Once you have done your background checks, narrow down your list and have a dialogue with the coaches you’re interested in working with. Aside from using the opportunity to know more about their coaching principles, also make it a point to observe how you get along and how the conversation flows. A strong “connection” between you and the coach can mean a better coaching journey with him or her.

Your work doesn’t stop after you have elected the executive coach to hire. It pays to be open and clear about your goals right from the start, and to continue to strive for transparency should you have some questions during the process. The process of executive coaching is akin to building a partnership. Respecting the process and learning to maximize support from a specialist allows you to get closer to achieving the career and personal growth you aspire for.


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