Two Emergency Features for Next Generation iPhone

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Apple is expected to announce new iPhones later this month, and rumors are circulating that the new phones will include satellite communications. If the rumors are true, new iPhones may have two emergency features.

  1. Satellite based Emergency Message

Use your iPhone to connect with your family and friends via satellite. You can send emergency messages to emergency services. In the absence of a cellular network, satellite communications will be used.

Currently, the iPhone can access iMessage and SMS, and satellite-based Emergency Message will be the third way of communicating. Apple has set message bubbles for iMessage and SMS, blue and green, and brown for satellite-based messages.

It is also rumored to support satellite-based phone calls in the future, and the Emergency SOS functionality of the iPhone could be improved.

  1. New feature for emergency reporting

Future iPhones may include new emergency reporting features. It was a car accident. Serious incidents, such as plane crashes and shipwrecks, can be reported to emergency services.

iPhone is an emergency type; Information on injuries and search and rescue services will be asked and information will be sent to emergency services. If you enter a Medical ID in the Apple Health app, the iPhone will send that information as well.


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